Pop-up exhibition in Rotterdam

At the Cultuur in Beeld conference in Rotterdam on December 7th, Noterik and Sound and Vision showed a Pop-Up Exhibition with an installation covering the closing of the Dutch State Mines fifty years ago. As the day went by, several visitors had a go at playing with the exhibition and we talked with them about ways to apply the technology to their context. The fact that the application is entirely browser based was a real eye-opener for most visitors, generating new ideas and possibilities for using existing screens, for instance at a public square or on display behind a shop window.

Some key facts that we discussed in Rotterdam:

  • The exhibition can be controlled and interacted with through your smartphone: answer questions, swipe through content, explore the storyline, select languages. Additional interactive functionalities will be added as we collect feedback and ideas from our tests with visitors.
  • The Pop-Up Museum will offer an intuitive online editor to create new exhibitions and transpose them to a physical set-up.
  • The Pop-Up Museum serves as an ideal extension to the main museum: use the mobile installation at events and festivals where you would like to target a specific audience with your collection.