Pop-Up exhibition in Hilversum

The Pop-Up Museum at Sound and Vision is a special installation with three wide-screen monitors in an interactive setting. Visitors can interact with the exhibition using their own smartphone. There is no need to register or install any software, they can simply join by typing an url in the browser on their phone. Once connected, the installation offers different types of phone-mainscreen interactions, such as swiping though the exhibition, zooming into pictures, listening to voice-over explanations and answering a quiz around the content exhibited.

The exhibition contains three screens with mini exhibitions on current and historical fashion and considers the ‘vintage’ hype, looking at styles and customs from previous eras and designers.

 nisv1 Screen #1: Guess which fashion era
This screen shows clips from the Polygoon newsreel archives. After watching the clip, you are asked to guess which decade the clip is from. After giving the answer you are taken to the next screen which shows you the clip again with the correct answer and explanation about the fashion of the decade. The screen  also lists the number of correct answers given.
 nisv2 Screen #2: From past to present
This screen shows five historical fashion objects as digital images in a cover flow interface. You move through the images by using your smartphone as a touch pad. After selecting one of the images, the image of the historical object is shown full screen . Using the touch pad you can swipe left and right to see the modern design that matches the object. The voice-over tells you more about the object, the designer and how the fashion from the past is inspiring the contemporary styles.
 nisv3 Screen #3: Timeless Icons
This screen shows six famous fashion icons in a cover flow interface. You move through the images by using your smartphone as a touch pad. After selecting one of the icons, the image is shown full screen and the voice-over explains what you are seeing. Using your touch pad you can swipe left to see which famous icon the story is centered around.


In collaboration with the museum department of the Institute the pop-up installation has been programmed from the 12th until the 24th of January. The exhibition was made possible because of the editorial efforts of Evelien Wolda, Kelly Mostert and Marta Franceschini (of Europeana Fashion) that curated amazing content fitting within the Fashion theme.

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